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Campus Bound’s experienced and passionate college counseling professionals guide students as they navigate the increasingly challenging road to college.

Who We Serve

Our students come from across the country, from Massachusetts to California, Alaska to Florida, and overseas, too. They matriculate at colleges all over North America and even Europe. They are unique, yet they all have dreams, goals—and a shared desire to “get it right” when choosing a college.

Over the past 20+ years, the Campus Bound team has successfully supported close to 5000 students like you—students representing a wide variety of interests, challenges, academic strengths, and goals.

Our Personalized Approach

Our individualized yet methodical approach to helping students with the college search and application process is a time-tested effort. We work with all students from THEIR college planning starting point, not ours. Every student who is considering attending college has unique goals and challenges, and our services are built with this in mind. As college admissions coaches and financial advisors, we offer different service packages to meet your specific needs and budget. It’s not a cookie-cutter, one-size-fits-all approach at Campus Bound.

Your Positive Outcomes

Ultimately, successful higher education outcomes are defined entirely and uniquely by the families we support. While success can come in the form of well-deserved acceptance letters and generous financial aid packages, we’ve learned from our clients that success is often so much more than that.

Success can be as much about the journey students take as they pursue their college admissions goals. There are often many personal, positive results. Here are a few successful outcomes we hear consistently:

Confidence that that students have done their very best navigating the complicated journey of choosing where to go to college.

Happiness in  finding a college that is an excellent fit: a place where the student will thrive while building the foundation for future success.


Stress-reduction for ALL family members as college search, application and financial aid steps are finished well before deadlines.


Growth that students experience over time as they take ownership over the college planning process and find colleges that “work” for them.


Satisfaction experienced by parents who can assume the role of “valuable parent supporter” instead of “chief nagger” throughout the college process.


Balance in all senses of the word: a balanced college list, a balanced college application effort in light of the student’s other priorities, a balanced college budget based on the family’s finances.

Our College Planning Tools

In addition to our own database with college admissions results, which complements information available from specific college and universities, Campus Bound leverages other state-of-the art technologies and data to support our college consulting efforts. Our other college planning tools include a college essay management platform and a career and aptitude assessment. Additionally, we maintain a database of college financial aid grants and college scholarships so that we can determine the potential for a college or university to be a good financial fit for your family and your student.


“They got back to me and offered me an extra 10,000 dollars. Just wanted to say thank you for all your help and now I will be attending thanks to your efforts.”
– D.P., Student, Class of 2021


“Campus Bound managed to turn what could have been an extremely stressful period into a positive experience.”


“Our daughter had a great variety of schools to choose from.”
– Parent


“He felt enormous pride in his applications; he felt he put his heart and soul into every essay and as parents, we felt that he did as well.”
– Parent


“By far, Campus Bound was the best thing my parents have ever done for me as a student.”
– Student

Expert Advice From College Counselors

Our team of college planning professionals is here to share expert advice to support successful college search, application, and financial decisions.