Our Why

At Campus Bound, our “why” is clear: the opportunity to make a lasting, positive difference for students facing a complex college admissions process and for families seeking to make college costs more manageable. Our team of college coaches is singularly committed to your success in this college planning process and beyond.

We recognize how many demands there are on teenage students. Our support is designed to make this challenging process more effective, helping teenagers to pursue their college goals.

Who We Are

Regardless of how you refer to them – independent educational consultants, college coaches, college consultants, or college advisors – our college counselors have extensive experience. We are former college admissions officers, high school counselors and college financial aid officers. Some of us have also had the opportunity to experience the college planning process as parents. We understand the stress this process can bring to both students and parents. We know when students should dig deeper, when it is time to move forward with confidence, and when to take a moment and celebrate students’ many accomplishments.

Who We Serve

The deep and experienced Campus Bound team has successfully supported students with a wide variety of interests, challenges, backgrounds, academic levels and goals. In recent years this includes students who:

  • Represent a range of academic achievement, from those seeking highly selective schools to those considering schools with higher acceptance rates.
  • Want help pacing this process out, staying on track to minimize family friction and stress.
  • Are unsure of their future major as well those who have a clear career path mapped out, considering majors ranging from STEM, nursing, and business to the liberal arts or creative arts.
  • Have special talents to represent in their applications, like athletics, fine arts, or leadership.
  • Are seeking academic or social-emotional support programs on the college level.
  • Live anywhere… from Alaska to Florida and international students as well.


When To Start The College Planning Process

Some want to start the process as early as their child’s freshman year in high school, seeking advice on course selection. We recommend the process begin in earnest by the end of a student’s sophomore year in high school. The pace will start slow, then pick up in their junior and senior years, as application tasks become more frequent.

We Treat You Like Family

One of our core values dates back to when this was a home-based business run by Gregg’s mother. Everyone we help with college planning becomes family to us. Your college admission challenges become our challenges and your successes become our successes. The process of searching for a college, applying to college, being accepted to college, and planning for college financially is appropriately described as a roller coaster ride. Campus Bound is there every step of the way.

We feel honored that many of our previous clients let us know about their first semester of college, or even to share news about their lives after college. And, it’s a testament to our caring team of college coaches that many families hire us repeatedly to support each of their distinct children’s college planning journeys as the next son or daughter needs to start planning for college.

Campus Bound is pleased to partner with College Affordable. College Affordable is a public charity, non-profit 501(c)(3) founded by Campus Bound’s President Gregg Cohen that is dedicated to helping low and middle-income families to reduce college costs, minimize debt and increase educational opportunities. For more information visit: collegeaffordable.org