Our College Planning Services

Our college admission services involve several key components: college search assistance, college application support, and essay help. We also offer expertise in college financial planning and cost reduction. You choose the services that meet your specific needs and we guide you through a process that keeps you on track every step of the way.


College Admissions Assistance

A value cannot be placed on you and your student’s ability to find, apply to, and ultimately, choose a college where your teenager can feel comfortable and thrive academically and socially. We appreciate the trust that students and parents have granted us since 2003 as they have embarked on this challenging, complex, and rewarding journey by engaging us to provide college admissions assistance.

Financial Services

As the cost of a college education continues to climb, many families worry that college will simply be unaffordable. Campus Bound’s financial experts help families make college affordable through their vast experience in identifying financial aid and scholarship opportunities. We start with a no-obligation college planning consultation to provide families with a preliminary assessment of college financial aid eligibility or budgeting examples.