You’ve Submitted Some Applications… Now What?

Many students have sent in their first round of applications, or perhaps even all of their applications.  And, while it should be time to celebrate and take a sigh of relief, many parents and students start to panic.  “What if I don’t get into any of my schools?” “Am I applying to enough schools?”  “What if they don’t get all parts of my application?” “What if…..” 

It’s understandable; we know that the college process can be rife with stress and anxiety. But worst-case thinking and panicking won’t help at all.  Here are some timely do’s and don’ts. 

DON’T start adding tons of schools to your list.  Many students and parents, who are uncomfortable with the “waiting period,” consider adding more schools.  “Applying to those eight colleges wasn’t so bad; how about we add a few more.”  This is both costly and unnecessary.  Consider if you are really just nervous and anxious about the waiting period.  Have pride in the list of colleges you’ve worked hard to create and the applications you’ve submitted. 

DO trust yourself and the process.If you apply to a good balanced list of schools, you will get in somewhere.  You probably worked hard to get your list down to your top 6-10 schools, so don’t second-guess yourself now!  If you eliminated a school from your list because it wasn’t a good fit, now is not the time to add it back to your list as a knee-jerk reaction to the anxiety.  Students who work with a Campus Bound counselor and have a good, balanced list of schools should take a deep breath and trust the process.

DO continue visits, interviews, campus rep visits, etc. If you’re looking for something to do while your application is in the hands of the college, think about “demonstrating interest.”  Doing a virtual college visit, participating in an interview, attending a college’s admissions webinar are all good ways to show a school that you are really invested in them.  If you haven’t already done so, now is a good time to show colleges you care.

DO ask your high school to send your first term grades. Some high schools do this automatically, but it’s worth asking your school counselor.  Earning good grades during first term of senior year is a great way to show colleges your academic potential.  

DO check in with your colleges to make sure they have all of your required materials.  Many colleges will send you an email to let you know that your application is complete and ready to be reviewed.  Keep track of those; they may include information about when and how to learn about their admission decision later.  If you haven’t heard from a college one week after you submitted, it’s worth a quick call to the admissions office to inquire if they have everything they need.

DON’T be hard on yourself.  Practice positive self talk.  You will get in somewhere.  You are smart.  It’s the college’s loss if they don’t accept you.  Everything turns out the way it’s supposed to.  Be good to yourself and congratulate yourself on getting some, if not all, of your applications in!  

If you have any concerns or questions about the college process, Campus Bound is always happy to help.  Call or email us today. 

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