What To Do If You Are Thinking About Transferring

by | Dec 13, 2018 | Applications

You’ve been at college for one semester now, or maybe longer, but you are thinking it’s just not the right place for you.  Here are some things to consider if you are thinking about transferring.

Good if you do, good if you don’t

Ask anyone who has transferred during their college experience and some will tell you that it was a great decision, and some will say they wish they had stuck it out.  I’m in the latter category.  I transferred after my first year, and while I wouldn’t trade my experience at my new school for anything, I think I would have been just fine had I stuck it out at my first school.  Sometimes culture shock, home-sickness and just adjusting to a new place makes that new place feel “not quite right.”  It’s hard to tell if sticking it out will work out in the end or if a change is really needed.


The social media issue

Trust us, no one is having that much fun at their college. You may see pictures of your high school friends online and it seems like they are way happier at their college than you are at yours. It’s just an illusion! Don’t get caught up in comparing their experience to yours. There are pros and cons to each school, so be realistic.


Do your research

Before you decide whether to transfer or not, do some soul searching and talk with trusted friends and family to get their advice.  Think about what’s missing at your current school, and if you can find that elsewhere. Figure out the college characteristics that are most important to you.  Likely, you wont find any perfect college that has everything you want, so decide if a different school is better enough to go through the hassle of transferring.


It’s not as easy as it may seem

Transferring is not easy! Some people tend to think, “well, I got into college the first time, so I’ll get in this time as well,” or they have heard that it’s “easier” to get in by way of transferring.  Both are generally incorrect.  Some colleges even have stingier requirements for acceptance by way of transferring.  So don’t assume you will definitely get in if you apply for transfer somewhere.


Applications are still a big deal

There is a thorough application process for transferring that requires obtaining transcripts, getting recommendations from professors, and writing a new essay (or essays!).  The transfer applications are no joke.  Doing all of this while still attending classes and all of your other requirements can be daunting.  This is yet another reason to give careful consideration to whether or not transferring is a good idea.


Campus Bound is happy to help students who are thinking about transferring colleges.  We can help with the decision-making process and the application process.  Contact us today for more information.

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