“We’ve been through the process before, it’ll be the same…” Not so fast!

by | Dec 7, 2017 | Advice for Parents

We hear it all the time from parents, “Oh, we have been through the college process with our son or daughter, so we already know what we are doing.” Maybe it’s true, but maybe not. You are probably going to be more informed than a family going through it for the first time, but here are some reasons why you should be weary of thinking you’re going to know exactly what to do.

The Engineer vs The Artist

It goes without saying that every child is different. And, these differences can really make themselves known during the college application process. While one student may have been on the ball, the other may be dragging their heels. And, while your first child may have been easy-going about the whole thing, the next child may be riddled with anxiety. At Campus Bound we always say that the college application process is going to be different for each and every student. We keep our caseloads down so that we can focus on each student’s needs. So parents who think that the second child is going to be “easy,” think again.


The Data Changes

“It wasn’t that hard to get in when I was applying to colleges.” You’ve probably heard this from friends and family, but things can change so quickly that this could be true from one year to the next! The requirements within applications, the different applications, what each college is looking for in an applicant, the data around selectivity, and many other factors change year to year. So, while your son may have gotten into a school rather easily, it may not be the case a couple years later for your daughter at the same school. Don’t underestimate changing trends, or you could be stuck applying old knowledge to a new situation.



If you are thinking that the second go-round will be easy, think again. Perhaps you are one of the lucky ones, and the second, or third, or fourth child, will indeed be easy. But give careful consideration to the needs of each child, how they work best, and what may have changed in the world of college admissions since last time. And, if you think that a College Counselor can help you out, contact us today for a free consultation.




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