The world of college admissions sometimes seems like a waiting game…. and then a mad rush to the finish line. In this blog post we break down the things you should wait on, and those times it makes sense not to wait.

Freshmen: Wait!

High school freshmen are sometimes excited and eager to start thinking about life after high school. What’s the next big thing!? But, slow down!! There isn’t much you can do during 9th grade regarding the college process with the big exception of enjoying and doing well in school.

Sophomores: Wait!

Sophomores can begin to think about the college search and application process in the big scheme of things… what you may want to study, where you may want to be located, etc. But, please (!) hold off on official SAT’s or ACT’s. Read more about that here in this recent blog post. An exception to this would be a student wanting to take an SAT Subject Test at the end of the year in a subject they are finishing up (ie. Chemistry, Biology).

Juniors: Don’t Wait!

The most important thing juniors can do to help their college application process and admission chances is do well in school. But, getting a head start during junior year on the college search is a good idea. If you wait until senior year, you may be overwhelmed and may not put your best foot forward. Juniors, ask your Campus Bound counselor what you can be doing now to make things easier for yourself later.

Seniors: Don’t Wait!

There are a lot of times seniors should absolutely not wait until the last minute during the college admissions process: don’t wait to write essays, don’t wait to fill out applications. Also don’t wait to schedule those interviews and attend online college visits and webinars. If you are a senior who applied Early Decision or Early Action to a college or more, don’t wait until later for the Regular deadline schools. There are many reasons why it makes sense not to wait, and we cover more of that in this previous blog post.

Sometimes the college process feels like the opposite of hurry up and wait. It’s more like wait…wait… okay, now! For the most part, winter of junior year is a great time to get started on the process. Contact us if we can help!

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