If you’re in high school, there are certain things you can do this summer to utilize the summer months in the best possible way.


  • Start an account on CommonApp.org or CoalitionforCollegeAccess.org. Be sure to write down your login information somewhere, and get a head start on filling it out.
  • Have your Activity Resume reviewed by your Campus Bound counselor and fill in the gaps. Need more community service? Now is a good time to start!
  • Start your college application main essay. Review the topic options on the Common App or Coalition App websites. Writing an outline, draft, or finishing the essay over the summer will lighten your fall workload.
  • Rest and recoup. Have fun! Go to camp, enjoy a day at the beach, spend time with friends and family.

Juniors and Sophomores: 

  • Think about your list of high school extracurricular activities and consider how balanced and complete your list will be. It’s a good time to pick up a community service, leadership role, or job.
  • Talk with recently graduated seniors about their plans and with college students who are home for the summer. Ask them all the questions you are curious about regarding their college experiences.
  • Rest and recoup. You’re gearing up for the toughest years of high school, filled with lots of fun, but also lots of stress. Enjoy some downtime over the summer.

Make the most of your summer by tackling some of these important college-related tasks. But don’t leave out the fun!

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