Unique Circumstances in the College Application Process

There is no such thing as two students who go through the college process in exactly the same way. Some students apply Early, and some do not.  Some students apply to local schools, while other students apply to schools on the other side of the country.

However, the majority of students are going to follow a common trajectory in the college admissions timeline.  They will research schools, visit, interview, apply, wait, etc.  But, there are a handful of special populations who will likely go through a very unique college process.  Campus Bound Counselors are knowledgeable and skilled to help any special students navigate the process.  Below are some of the special populations we serve and how we help them.


Athletics:  For student-athletes who want to play sports in college, the admission process poses a unique set of hurdles and challenges. These students should start a bit earlier, typically at the end of sophomore year or beginning of junior year. Meeting with college athletic coaches is an important part of the process.  Student-athletes need to judge a school both by the academics it can provide, and the team that the student will join.  The process of talking with coaches and current team members helps students make the best choice.  In addition to meeting with certain coaches at favorite schools, student-athletes also often attend showcases, or camps where they can be seen by many college coaches.   And, finally, student-athletes need to apply with the NCAA to be eligible to play in college.  Campus Bound can help student-athletes and their families navigate all these extra steps successfully.


Art:  Students who wish to pursue art in college will likely need to provide their colleges with a portfolio showcasing their work.  Art school and art program applicants should also begin preparing early, as an art portfolio will likely need to contain a certain number of pieces of art, created over a certain time frame.  An in-person portfolio review can significantly help an applicant’s admission chances.  Campus Bound can help students put together their portfolio, plan portfolio reviews and navigate the unique challenges of art school and art program admissions.


Disabilities:  Not all students are alike, and some will need special services at their college to help them succeed.  Students who receive services in high school, or whom may need them in college, will have to add an extra layer to the college research they do. Those students will need to find out the extent to which their colleges of interest help students with disabilities. There are some colleges that specialize in working with these populations, and there are many colleges that offer advanced services for students with disabilities.  But, determining what is right for a particular student, assessing their strengths and weaknesses and how each college will help with that, is a tall order.  Campus Bound is here to help.  We have College Counselors who have worked with students with disabilities and placed them in appropriate colleges.  We are sensitive and knowledgeable about how to help all students succeed.


Whether you are a “typical” student, going through the college admission process, or a student with unique circumstances, Campus Bound is here to help.  Contact us today for a free consultation.

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