Easier said than done, we know! The college process, for those entering it, can feel overwhelming and scary.  But if there is one thing we’ve learned over the years of working in admissions, helping families as college counselors, and as parents going through the process ourselves (many of us additionally have kids who have recently applied to college!) is that trust is the key.


Trust in the Process

The college admission process is designed to perpetuate the goals of the college.  That is, colleges want kids who will be happy and successful at their school.  Students who might not make it academically, or who don’t fit in socially, aren’t likely to be admitted.  However, they are likely to get into schools where they WILL fit in nicely.  Success in the world of college admissions is when both the college and the student fit together nicely.  And it happens most of the time.  Trust that the process will work for you too.


Trust Your Child

Time and time again, we see that the families who trust in their child to make good decisions and do what they need to do, encounter far less stress than those who don’t trust their child.  You know them best, but the college process is also a journey of self-reflection, and they need to figure it out for themselves.  Again, trust in the process, and trust that your child can make smart decisions.


Trust the Professionals

Campus Bound Counselors have over 400 combined years of college counseling experience.  We’ve worked with students around the college admissions process for many, many years, and we know what we are doing.  Trust us. Likewise, trust the college admission counselors who work at the colleges.  Like we said before, their job is to find students who will be successful at their school, so take their advice seriously.


It can be hard to garner up trust when the process feels daunting and overwhelming.  But, remember that most of the time it works out just fine, and even if it doesn’t, things aren’t locked in stone.  Keep it all in perspective and you will be much happier for it.



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