The Focus on FIT

by | Aug 30, 2018 | College List

At Campus Bound, our mission is to:“Assist students in finding the college or university that is the best fit academically, socially and financially.”  But what does “the best fit” mean?  We break it down for you here.

The Best Academic Fit

The college that is the best academic fit for you is going to provide strong courses and a program of study in the area you intend to pursue.  The courses will be interesting, accredited and prepare you for your intended career.    The best fit college will also challenge you, push you and make you think outside the box, but ultimately lead to your successful learning of the material.  A good academic fit also means a learning environment that is right for you.  Small courses or big courses, opportunities for research…these kinds of factors determine if a school is a good academic fit as well.


The Best Social Fit

Let’s be honest…50% of college is about learning the material taught in your courses, but 50% is the life experience that happens outside the classroom.  The culture of a college can play a big role in whether or not it’s a good fit for you.  And, the “personality” of the student body is important too.  You want a school where the people around you make you happy and contribute to your success.  Perhaps they aren’t exactly like you, but they inspire you and make you feel good. The activities on campus play a big role in social fit too.  Whatever your passion is, make sure your “best fit college” has opportunities in that area.


The Best Financial Fit

This one is a bit more challenging, because you can’t really know how much a college is going to cost you until well after you apply.  For that reason, we often encourage students, for whom finances will play a role in their college decision, to apply to one or two “financial safety” schools (read more here), but they should be schools you love anyway.  That way, if financial aid doesn’t come through from some schools, you have other more affordable options.  College is likely going to stretch any family’s finances and resources; we get that.  But, Campus Bound believes that families don’t HAVE to go broke to afford college, and we are happy to help.


Many parents and students are hung up on getting into “the best college.”  But, let us assure you (we have over 100 years combined experience!), it doesn’t matter if it’s the “best” college or not.  What matters is that it’s THE BEST COLLEGE FOR YOU. That is fit.

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