The Advantages of a Mock Interview

Some colleges offer the opportunity for an applicant to engage in an interview with either a member of the university staff, a current student, or an alumni as part of the college admission process. In a previous blog post, we outlined why the interview is important, and 4 steps to mastering it. However, an important part of mastering the college interview is participating in a mock interview.

At Campus Bound, our clients have the opportunity to schedule a mock interview with us. Counselors will ‘tag’ another colleague, whom the student doesn’t know, to conduct the mock interview. That way, the student is meeting with an unfamiliar person and it’s as close to a real interview as possible.


During the mock interview experience we are asking real questions that come up during real interviews. We even oftentimes pretend to be a representative from a certain college that is at the top of the student’s wish-list so that the student and the mock interviewer can discuss that college and why the student wants to apply there.


After the mock interview, students are given a full report about how they did. We go over the things they did well, as well as give constructive feedback about what they could do better in the future. Counselors follow up with students and can help them work on the areas that could improve.


Jumping head first into a real interview can be nerve-wracking and scary. But there’s no need to approach it that way. Knowing what to expect, coming up with positive ways to answer questions, and working through any kinks ahead of time can make a big difference.

Ace that interview! Schedule a mock interview with a Campus Bound staff member.

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