Staff Spotlight: Sheetal Gowda

by | Nov 10, 2020 | Staff Spotlight

Sheetal is a college counselor with Campus Bound. Learn more about her in this latest Staff Spotlight.

Sheetal, with her daughters

PhD, University of Massachusetts, Boston

Sheetal brings over 10 years of college admissions experience and advising services for both, students, and parents. After guiding her own children successfully through the college admissions process, she decided her greatest desire was to help other students navigate this complex process. She received an MEd from Lesley University, a PhD from UMass Boston, and Certificate in College Counseling from UCLA. 

In Her Own Words:

My Approach to College Counseling

“As college admissions become increasingly competitive and selective, I believe that every student should have access to professional guidance to help them secure admission in a college that is not only the right fit, but also financially feasible. My goal as a counselor is to empower students to discover the right college fit, where he/she will find that happiness/challenge balance, learn effectively, engage in and contribute to their community, and embrace their full potential. Cooperation and collaboration are my mantra to help students submit applications that are true reflections of their unique abilities, character, and personality.”      

What I love about the college process: 

“In my career as an educator and college counselor, students have never ceased to amaze me. Getting students excited about college and all that the experience has to offer is what motivates me day after day, and year after year. Watching insecure and unsure teenagers transform into independent and confident college-bound students is extremely gratifying.” 

How I enjoy spending my free time: 

“Traveling and spending time with my daughters is what brings me most joy. And, if I can do both those together, it’s the icing on the cake. Weekends are for hikes and biking. I am a mountains and lakes person, and love exploring the breathtaking trails around New England. When indoors, I spend my time reading, cooking, and putting together 1000/2000 piece jigsaws (I have a jigsaw puzzle library).” 

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