Staff Spotlight: Jen Orsini

by | Nov 3, 2020 | Staff Spotlight

Jen is a college counselor with Campus Bound. Learn more about her in this latest Staff Spotlight.

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BA, Saint Anselm College

MA, Lesley University

After several years in both the television and editing industries, Jen discovered her true career “fit” in 2012 when she became a local high school counselor. In this role, she has helped guide hundreds of students through the college search and application process, a process that she looks forward to every year. Jen particularly enjoys partnering with students and families as they determine what makes an ultimate “fit” in college. She takes pride in reducing the stress that is often associated with college admissions and loves supporting students and families throughout the entirety of this process.

In Her Own Words: 

My approach

“I fully believe that there is no “one size fits all” aspect to the college admissions process. As such, I treat each student as an individual with unique goals and needs. With a warm, supportive approach, I strive to empower each student to make informed and individually appropriate choices. I fully understand the stress that can come with college admissions; however, through listening to concerns, providing insight, helping break large tasks into manageable steps, and truly partnering with students and families, I aim to make the process as accessible and enjoyable as possible. I love witnessing the belief in oneself that develops throughout this journey and share in the excitement a student feels as she/he discovers the many possible roads that lie ahead.”

What I love about my job: 

“I have the great privilege of working with students at all points of the application process and with goals that differ drastically from one another; that said, I’m consistently struck by the growth in a student’s confidence level between our first meeting and National College Decision Day, May 1st of senior year. Upon the beginning of this process, many students express feeling overwhelmed and stressed, as they “don’t know what they don’t know.”  However, I believe it is my responsibility to bring awareness to what the process entails. I love both empowering students with information and direction and keeping the stress level as low as possible. Watching students “check the task-related boxes” as essays take shape and interviews for which we’ve prepared go well is incredibly gratifying. Finally, I take pride in encouraging students around a very important word: “fit.” Through doing these things and forming connections and relationships, I get to witness a student’s initial stress morph into confidence; there is nothing like partnering with a student and family as excitement, assurance, and the belief that the “best fit will prevail” continue to mount!”

How I spend my free time: 

“As a wife and the mom of a young child and two frequently mischievous (but beloved) dogs, almost all of my time is spent with my family; I would have it no other way! I love viewing the world through the eyes of my enthusiastic toddler, as it is so refreshing to witness the wonder that she finds in a moment I might otherwise take for granted. Also, since becoming a dog owner, my goofy labrador retriever and redbone coonhound, Elliott and Simon, have become two of the great joys of my life; hardly a moment is spent in which we don’t laugh at their latest antics! Accordingly, I enjoy volunteering as a foster coordinator for a New England-based dog rescue and take great pleasure in learning of the many strides its dogs take when placed in loving homes. When I’m not chasing after my daughter or one of our dogs, I love cooking, hosting friends and family (especially around the holidays), and pulling even the smallest decoration out of the depths of a closet. I’m an avid record collector and concert goer who also loves watching The Food Network and listening to the latest true crime podcast (a guilty pleasure!). While there’s “never a dull moment” in my active house, I continue to appreciate the newness of every day!”

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