Staff Spotlight: Jackie Woodson

by | Jun 29, 2018 | Staff Spotlight

Jackie is a college counselor with Campus Bound, learn more about her in this Staff Spotlight.

Jackie WoodsonCollege Counselor

BA, James Madison University
MA, Boston College
Copyediting Certificate, Emerson College

Jackie has extensive experience in college admissions and admissions marketing. She worked in college admissions for more than a decade at institutions in and around Boston prior to joining Campus Bound and continues to read applications for local colleges needing assistance.


In Her Own Words:

My approach:

“The college search, application and selection process should be fun and exciting—not something inspiring fear or intense stress. To that end, what I love about college counseling is acting as a resource and guide for students and families as they navigate the often-complex world of college admissions. I enjoy helping students develop a strong sense of what they want out of a higher education experience through this process.”


What I love most about the college process/ what I do…

“Here’s what I love most about what I do: no student is the same. Each brings his or her own personality, ideas, focus, and interests to the college process, which in turn creates a completely new experience for both of us as we work together. College is such a big milestone for students–for many, where to apply and attend is among the biggest decisions they have been tasked with making in their lives. Not to sound too cheesy or dramatic, but it is an honor, truly, to be part of the whole decision-making process with them.”

How I enjoy spending my spare time…

“When I’m not working, chances are I’m hanging out with my family. I have a toddler who loves exploring the outdoors, so my husband and I spend much of our free time walking, biking, and hiking with our son around town. I also enjoy reading a good book (if you have any fiction recommendations, send them my way!). Although it’s a bit more difficult with a small kid, I love going on unscheduled road trips around New England.”


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