Staff Spotlight: Erika Murphy

by | Jun 14, 2018 | Staff Spotlight

Erika Murphy is a College Counselor with Campus Bound. Learn more about her in this Staff Spotlight.

Erika, with her son

BS, Bridgewater State College

MEd, Salem State University


Erika is a licensed professional school counselor and has worked as a guidance counselor in the high school setting since 2012.


In Her Own Words:

My Approach

“Over the years, I have worked with many high school students and their families as they have navigated the college application process. In my experience, I have learned that families want to enjoy this exciting time but often feel overwhelmed. I understand that the college planning process can be daunting, but I believe that with the right guidance and support it can be exciting and fun. I love working with students and families to bring the enjoyment back into college planning by providing individualized direction and guidance based on each student’s unique wants and needs.”

What I love most about what I do:

“I am a helper at heart, so my favorite part of the college planning process is working with students and families to provide support and guidance. I’ve learned over the years that although planning for college is exciting, it can also feel a little overwhelming at times because there are so many tasks to complete, deadlines to keep track of, and decisions to be made. I love being able to shoulder some of the weight and relieve some of the stress and anxiety that often goes along with the process. It is always wonderful to see students gain confidence in themselves and their decisions as they become educated about the details of process.”

How I enjoy spending my spare time:

“I enjoy spending my spare time doing quiet activities that allow me to relax and recharge. Now that the weather is nice, one of my favorite ways to spend an hour or two is to stop at a local bakery for an iced coffee, take a walk to the park with my son, and sit on a blanket in the shade while he plays with his toys. When I have some time by myself, you’ll often find me doing leisure activities that require creativity, such as decorating my home, taking and editing pictures, or trying out a new craft project or recipe. I love spending family time with my husband and son doing simple things like going out for ice cream, walking our dog, or just relaxing at home. During my leisure time, I really try to focus on slowing down, being mindful, and living in the moment!”


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