Staff Spotlight: Devon Cruz, College Counselor and Essay Specialist

by | Dec 1, 2017 | Staff Spotlight

Devon Cruz is a College Counselor and Essay Specialist for Campus Bound. Learn more about her in this Staff Spotlight.


Devon with her son, Giles

BA, Hampshire College


More about Devon:

Devon has worked in college admissions for more than ten years, including seven years of full-time work at Hampshire College. She’s also reviewed applications for Amherst College and the prestigious QuestBridge scholarship program.


In Her Own Words:


My approach to college counseling:

“My counseling philosophy emphasizes finding the right fit for students so they can spend their college years flourishing in a comfortable environment. As an essay specialist, I focus on maintaining the voice and vision of the students, working in collaboration with them to produce a piece of writing that is both polished and uniquely their own.”



Things I love most about the process:

“I enjoy watching teenagers take charge of their college search, and giving them the appropriate amount of space to do so. For many juniors and seniors, this is the first time they’ve really managed a project of this scope, and been encouraged to think deeply about what they’d like to do with their lives. It’s truly a joy to see how the process unfolds for each student.
I also work as an essay specialist for Campus Bound, so it’s clear I love the writing process. There’s (almost) nothing more exciting to me than digging into an essay and helping a student present polished work that best reflects their voice and their story.”



How I spend my spare time:

“Spare time is in limited supply for me, as a mom with both a full- and a part-time job. But when I get it, I love to hike, read (favorite authors are Margaret Atwood and Cormac McCarthy), and cook. I also spend a lot of time outside with my four-year-old, Giles, usually pretending to be a Pokemon. Traveling, whether it be an extended road trip or a weekend aimlessly wandering a new city, is perhaps how I most like to spend my time. I’m looking forward to making it to Alaska someday; it’s the only state I haven’t visited.”


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