Rising Seniors: Your Summer To-Do List

by | Jun 10, 2021 | Advice for Seniors

The warm weather is upon us, which means beach, biking, camp, swimming, hiking, etc. But for rising seniors, there are other important things to add to that to-do list. While having fun and relaxing is essential, get some of these other things accomplished to make the fall of senior year much easier for yourself.

  1. Work, learning or volunteer activity- while downtime over the summer is important, so is staying busy with at least one structured activity that you can add to your resume. Pick something you like doing so it’s fun too.
  2. Activity resume- the Common Application allows students to list 10 activities they did during high school. If you’ve done more than 10, it might be a good idea to make an activity resume. Your Campus Bound counselor can advise you and provide you with templates to make this task easier.
  3. Start your essay- most colleges want one big essay to accompany the application for admission. At Campus Bound we have an SA Specialist (read about them here!) as well as Essay Specialists for this specific purpose. The essay is even more important to some colleges that are test-optional. It’s important to be insightful, creative, reflective and speak about a part of yourself that doesn’t come out anywhere else in your application- a tall order! Rather than wait until the fall when you’re busy with school, get at least a draft done over the summer!
  4. Start applications- the Common Application, an application that many colleges accept, is available over the summer. Students can make their account any time, while some college-specific questions aren’t available until August 1. Regardless, there is plenty of time over the summer to get started on this.
  5. Have fun- while we here at Campus Bound strongly encourage students to get started on applications and essays over the summer, we also want students to have a fun and healthy break from school. Make sure you schedule in downtime and time to do the things you enjoy.

Campus Bound counselors and specialists are available all summer to help you accomplish your college search and application goals. Contact us for a free, no-obligation consultation.

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