Reaching Out to College Athletic Coaches in 5 Easy Steps

by | Apr 15, 2021 | Athletics

It might seem daunting and scary to reach out to the athletic coaches at the colleges you are interested in. Or, perhaps you are putting it off hoping that, by some chance, the coach from the college you love clear across the country will miraculously find you and reach out to you. Well, there is no sense waiting, and it’s really not hard. Here are 5 simple steps to help you as you take the initiative and reach out to college athletic coaches.

  1. Find colleges that are a good academic and athletic fit. In this previous blog post, we outline some first steps you should take when figuring out if college sports could be right for you. Once you’ve narrowed it down to which sport at which level, find schools that also offer your major of interest. Once you find schools that are both a good academic and athletic fit, do a quick search to track down the contact information of the coach at each school. Make yourself a list to stay organized.
  2. Dear Coach… Get the ball rolling with a quick introductory email. Let the coach know what year you are in in high school, what you want to play, and why their school is a good match for you. Be specific- no generic copy and paste emails!
  3. Include your resume. In this previous blog post, we let you know what makes a good athletic resume and what to include. Remember that coaches want well-rounded players, so let them know about strong personality characteristics, such as leadership, dedication, etc. They also want good students, so let the coach know your current high school GPA, or perhaps some of the Honors or AP courses you are taking. You could also include your PSAT scores or SAT/ ACT scores if you are happy with them.
  4. Follow up with a phone call. If you don’t hear back from a coach you emailed, feel free to follow up with a phone call. It’s especially important if you plan to visit a college in person. Let the coach know that you emailed them, sent your resume and the time and date of your visit. Let them know you would like to meet them (come prepared with questions) and see the athletic facilities.
  5. Respond to correspondence. If coaches get back to you, reply in a timely manner. Don’t leave them waiting or hanging. Always be honest with coaches and let them know if their athletic program is at the top of your list. If you decide not to apply to that school, kindly let them know that as well.

Student athletes who want to play at the college level have an extra component to the “normal” college search and application process. If it feels like a lot to manage it’s because it is! If Campus Bound can help you connect with coaches and find schools that are a good academic and athletic fit, contact us today!

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