Questions to Ask Yourself About Your College Essay

by | Oct 17, 2022 | Essay Writing

While seniors are in the midst of writing their college essays, we thought it might be a good time to present some questions one can ask themselves before they deem their essay “done”. It’s a good idea to give your essay a thoughtful review before you submit.

  1. Does this tell the college more about who I am? I always tell students: there are two main purposes of the college essay. One is to make sure you are a decent writer. The second is to learn more about you. Does the content make the reader say to themselves, “that is great new information about the applicant I wouldn’t have gained anywhere else in their application,”? What exactly is it you want the reader to take away from the essay? Does it say something positive about you?
  2. Is the essay free from errors? Have you checked and double-checked the essay’s spelling and grammar? While a small error may be overlooked, a larger error could make your essay stand out- in a not great way.
  3. Is the essay in my voice? It’s important that the essay sounds like you. You may have an adult read and edit it, but no one else should write your essay for you. And even the suggested edits should still sound like something you would say. It’s obvious to admissions counselors when an essay is written by a different person.
  4. Has someone else read it? It’s a great idea to have your essays read by someone else, whether a parent, teacher or college counselor. Perhaps there are parts that are unclear, or a joke that someone else might not find funny. You don’t necessarily have to take any advice or suggestions, it is your essay after all, but having an adult read it over is usually a good idea.

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