Parents: 4 Sure Signs Your Family Would Benefit From Hiring a College Counselor

by | Nov 17, 2016 | Advice for Parents

The decision of whether or not to hire a college counselor can be a difficult one for some families. Here are some reasons why students and parents often ultimately make the decision to work along side a college counseling professional.



  1. Family stress-level and tensions are high. Although some stress around the college process is normal (and, hey, what part of raising teenagers isn’t a little bit stressful!), if the tension is causing troubles within the family relationships, it’s time to call in the experts. Teenagers are complicated creatures who naturally rebel from their parents. The college process can be a perfect time for teens to dig in their heels or test your patience. But it doesn’t have to be that way! When a family decides to hire a college counselor, they typically describe it as a “huge weight lifted off my shoulders.” Parents now know that an expert will be assisting their child along the way, and students breathe a sigh of relief knowing that someone beside mom or dad will be working with them.
  2. Your child’s application will likely be complex. Student-athletes, student-artists, students with disabilities, students with a complicated high school history, these are just some of the many scenarios that can make the college application process more complex. A professional, who has likely seen and dealt with a similar student profile can simplify and demystify the application process.
  3. First-generation applicants. For students whose parents did not attend college (or did not attend college in the U.S.), the college application process can seem especially overwhelming and complicated. Many students have parents or close family members who have gone through it and know what to expect, but first-generation applicants may have more questions and need more support, which a college counselor can provide.
  4. You want more support throughout the college process. Perhaps none of the above criteria apply to you, but you know that the expertise and support of a college counselor will greatly help your family through the entire process. From creating an Activity Resume, to building a college list, to mock interviews and reviewing applications, a professional college counselor can offer advice, manage deadlines, and assist in ways that will truly make a difference.

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