Myth-Busting Course Selection

As we head into course selection time, anxious students are eagerly choosing which courses they will take next year. It’s a time that is sometimes mixed with confusion, fear and many questions. It can also be a time when certain rumors or myths rear their ugly heads. In this blog post, we will break down those myths and provide real, concrete answers.

Myth #1: Freshman year (9th grade) doesn’t count.

Truth: It actually does! All of those grades will be on the transcript that will be presented to colleges. So college admission counselors will definitely see those grades. This rumor may have stemmed from the fact that, generally, colleges care a little more about grades from the most recent years. So, junior or senior year grades may matter more to some colleges. Additionally, colleges always like to see improvement. So, yes those grades matter, but getting higher grades in later years can help.

Myth #2: It doesn’t matter what I take senior year.

Fact: It most certainly does! Colleges will, at the very least, see what you are taking senior year, and they may even take first or second quarter grades into account when making their decisions. So, these courses and grades matter a lot. It’s best to talk with your Campus Bound counselor about what the best courses are for YOU.

Myth #3: I have to take all AP/ Honors level classes to get into college

Fact: That’s not true at all. Many students get into college never having taken an AP or Honors course. However, it’s always a good idea to stretch and challenge yourself. This is another good topic for your Campus Bound counselor.

When considering course selection, don’t listen to everyone else. Do what makes the most sense for you. Talking with teachers, consulting with your parents, and running things by your Campus Bound counselor can help set you on the right track.

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