Introducing Our Team of Subject Area Specialists

by | May 12, 2021 | Admissions

We are dedicated to helping ALL types of students create strong applications and find schools that are ideal matches.

It seems with every passing year, the complexity of the college search, application and financial aid process has increased. Colleges add layer after layer to their admission and aid requirements.

We know that students pursuing certain academic areas or personal interests will face unique challenges. That is why we are excited to announce another layer of support at Campus Bound….our Subject Area Specialists (SAS)!

If your student is considering or has already decided to pursue one of these areas, they’ll now be able to receive support from our specialist team, in collaboration with their primary counselor, throughout their time working with us. 

  • Business Programs – Sifting through special academic requirements can be daunting for business school applicants. Specialists will instruct on tasks like crafting special business portfolios, understanding business school admissions chances, or preparing for video interviews. 
  • Support Programs – For students with specific support needs including but not limited to learning differences, ADD/ADHD, ASD and physical/emotional challenges, our specialists will help identify colleges that are well-suited to meet these students’ needs.
  • Nursing – Nursing programs often have special deadlines, academic prerequisites and policies for standardized testing that differ from the general application pool. Our specialists will help guide students to best prepare for these demanding programs.

  • Athletic programs – Is your student wondering when and how to reach out to coaches? Are they curious what the differences are between the Division 1 and Division 3 recruiting processes? Our specialists will help demystify athletic recruiting.
  • Merit/Financial Aid – Is the cost of college a key ingredient to your college search?  Our experts will provide insights into what you may expect from various schools and what you need to do to reduce the cost. We also provide more comprehensive college financial services (learn more here).

  • STEM/Engineering Programs – Does your student know s/he wants to pursue a degree in STEM, but is unsure of the differences between Computer Engineering and Computer Science? Our specialists can help students navigate through the countless programs offered and identify which ones might be a strong fit based upon their interests and academic profiles.

Contact us today to learn more about this extra level of support at Campus Bound. We’re excited to guide your family through these special interest areas.

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