Hidden Gem Colleges: Looking Past the Name

by | Mar 26, 2019 | College List

Following up on last week’s blog, we decided it would be a good idea to make students and families aware of some “lesser known” colleges that are actually really great! Inspired by Loren Pope’s book, “Colleges That Change Lives,” college counselors are often trying to expand the minds of students and families by suggesting colleges they may not have heard of. With over 3,000 colleges in the United States alone, there are many more schools out there than you can name.  And since we at Campus Bound know that it’s really all about the “fit” of a school, we urge you to consider schools that may be new to you.  The schools that Loren Pope writes about in his book are places where students thrive. They are schools that have high graduation rates and that their graduates rave about.  They are the schools with happy students, the schools you may not know about, but should.


Campus Bound has provided our own list of “hidden gems,” sorted by similar schools you have probably heard about.  If you are considering the more popular school, perhaps it makes sense to check out the lesser-known, but just as great, schools too.  And, don’t forget, a school that doesn’t get many applicants from your state or your high school may be a little more apt to accept you, which is always nice!


If you are considering Tufts University, and you want a school that is medium-size, near or in a city, you should also consider:  Manhattan College, Villanova University, American University, Fordham University


If you are considering Northeastern University, and you want a school located in a city with a good Business program and Liberal Arts, you should also consider: DePaul University, Temple University, Case Western Reserve University, Drexel University


If you are considering Bowdoin College and you want a school that is rural, small and has an outstanding liberal arts program, you should also consider: McDaniel College, Dickinson College, Franklin & Marshall College, Davidson College, Muhlenburg College


If you are considering Hampshire College and you want a school that is liberal and creative but still has a great reputation, you should also consider: University of Redlands, The Evergreen State College, Reed College, Lewis and Clark University, Carleton College


Campus Bound counselors have many more “hidden gems” where these came from!  Contact us for a free consultation to help get you on the path to finding the best college for you.

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