What Will Be YOUR Cost of College?

by | Aug 17, 2022 | Financial Aid

New, Limited-Time Offer- Aid Eligibility Assessment

In the process of developing and finalizing a well-rounded college list, financial considerations can be one of the most complicated pieces. Many colleges offer need-based grants and merit scholarships. However, understanding how much your family will receive is perplexing. There are potentially hundreds of thousands of dollars at stake but to say that colleges lack transparency is an understatement!  Adding to the challenge for students is that they have to narrow their potential targets without knowing what the costs will be until much later in the process. 

At Campus Bound, we know that for many families, understanding the cost of higher education is an important part of the process. Understanding what something will cost is a vital part of any purchase decision, especially one as important and large as a college education. We carefully track awards each year and study our data and other information available about specific colleges. It is our passion to help families become fully informed as they navigate this opaque and overwhelming process. Each family and each student deserve to know the cost of the investment based on their own personal situation.

To help, for a limited time we are offering a no-obligation need and merit aid eligibility review. We will give you our educated assessment based on our experience so you can get a better sense of the tuition discounts that may be available to YOU based on YOUR student and financial profile and YOUR college list.

Click here to complete a short confidential, secure information form. We will contact you by phone or email to obtain other details or provide our professional preliminary projections.

Email us at financialaid@campusbound.com to learn more or if you have any questions.




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