Many Things Are on Hold, but You Can Still Get Ahead

Recently, Campus Bound president, Gregg Cohen made a video to provide information and insight related to how the COVID-19 virus will affect the college admissions process. If you haven’t seen it, you can find that video here:

One of the points that Gregg makes is that it’s very likely that college deadlines for the class of 2021 will not change. That means that fall and winter deadlines will be here sooner than you realize. And while college visits and the timeline for admissions tests (SAT and ACT) are delayed, there are things you can be doing now. You don’t need to put the college application process on hold.

Typically, we advise our students to spend the spring of junior year researching and visiting colleges, as well as taking the SAT or ACT. And then we usually spend the summer months starting essays and working on applications. Certainly, it’s nice when it works that way, but this is a strange year. Why not do the timeline backwards?

Students can still be meeting with their Campus Bound counselor over Zoom or Skype to start applications. We can answer questions, help with the Activity section, and more tedious work that doesn’t need to wait until later. Students can also be working with their Campus Bound counselor to formulate essay topic ideas and even perhaps get a draft of an essay done. Our Essay Specialists are still available to make edits and advise students during the writing process.

There’s no need to sit back and wait. If you wait and do it all over the summer and fall, it could prove to be pretty overwhelming. Let us help you now get done the things you can and it will probably feel nice to be productive during this strange time.

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