Do I Need to Have an Athletic Resume?

Athletics can be a big part of the college admissions process for some high school students. We have talked about the role athletics can play in the process in some previous blog posts:

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Many students aren’t sure exactly what part athletics will play, and that’s okay too. A lot of high school students played high school sports, but just don’t know yet if they want to play in college. They need more information from their current coaches about which level they could play at, and likely need to have discussions with college coaches about what it would mean to play at their school and how likely it would be for them to make the team. An athletic resume is a great gateway to having that discussion and making it the most productive it can be.

An athletic resume is different than an activity or work resume in that it highlights the student’s athletic accomplishments first and foremost. However, it’s nice to add academic information, such as GPA, number of Honors, AP and IB courses and any tests scores such as PSAT, SAT or ACT. Coaches need to know if the student athlete would be a good academic fit for their school. It’s also nice to add some community service and/or extracurricular activities the student has done to show well-roundedness.

Students who make athletic resumes can use them in the following ways:

  • when meeting in person with college coaches at college visits
  • when emailing college coaches to learn more about their program or get on their radar
  • when attending invitationals or camps where college coaches will be present
  • when a high school coach agrees to write a recommendation on the student’s behalf

Having all of the student’s athletic accomplishments written out and in one place can significantly help facilitate conversations with coaches. It will also help cut down on time spent pursuing schools where the student has very little chance of making the team or making the admissions cut. When a student puts everything out in front of the coach, it can save time for everyone.

So the short answer is that an athletic resume is not essential. However, it is a really good idea and can be a huge help in the college admissions process for student athletes.

Campus Bound helps many student athletes find colleges that are a good academic, personal and athletic fit for them. If you feel that we can help you, call us today for a free consultation.

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