Different Types of Resumes and Why They Are Important

by | Sep 28, 2017 | Applications

Resumes aren’t only for people seeking jobs; they can be an important part of the college application process as well.

Why should students create a resume?

There are several ways students can use their resume, and we list some of them below. But, the main purpose of creating a resume is to allow students to highlight their high school accomplishments above and beyond what can be reported in the application. The Common Application allows students to add up to 10 activities, and the Coalition Application allows only 8. These applications also limit the amount of characters a student can use to describe each activity. By creating a resume, students can highlight more accomplishments, and give more information about each when needed.


What are the different types of resumes?

  1. Activity Resume

The resume that most college applicants will create is called an Activity Resume, or College Resume. In this resume, students can highlight awards, honors, sports, community service, jobs and more. Again, it’s a way for students to highlight more than 10 activities and provide more information on each.

  1. Athletic Resume

Students who intend to pursue athletics in college should create an Athletic Resume. An Athletic Resume will look much like an Activity Resume, but athletic accomplishments will be the clear focus. However, college coaches want to know that you are a good student, and engaged in other areas besides sports, so making mention of honors, community service and other endeavors is a good idea too.

  1. Art Resume

Students who may be pursing arts in college can create an Art Resume to accompany their portfolio. This would be focused on artistic pursuits and achievements. But, just like an Athletic Resume, it makes sense to make mention scholastic and other accomplishments as well.


When do I use my resume?

For the majority of students, they will use their resume to accompany their applications. Some colleges have a place on their application where students are encouraged to upload a resume. Colleges will then be able to read through it and use it in the decision-making process.


Here are some other times and ways you can use your resume:

  • during interviews
  • when meeting with guidance counselor and teachers, particularly those who will be writing your college recommendations
  • when you meet with college athletic coaches
  • when attending with art portfolio reviews
  • when applying for a job (sure, it can be used for that too!)
  • when applying for scholarships, internships, etc.


There are many reasons why creating a college resume is important. If you need help, contact Campus Bound today.

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