Community Service: It’s Important to Give Back

by | May 31, 2018 | Admissions, Resumes

In previous Campus Bound blog posts, we have discussed the Activity Resume and why it’s necessary. There are several tips we covered in this previous blog. It’s important to note that community service should always be a category on your activity list for two main reasons: 1. It looks good to colleges. 2. Because it’s just a good thing to do! In this blog, we discuss the role it plays in the college admission process and how much is “enough.”

It’s just a good thing to do!

Your high school may require it, your parents may ask you to do it, but the real reason you should be doing community service is because it’s good for you! Giving back to the community feels good and helps others who are in need. Everyone: kids, adults and teens should do regular community service.


What to do

The short answer is… it doesn’t matter! Ideally, you will do something that you enjoy and something that is fun.  If you enjoy working with kids, volunteer your time in that area.  If you like sports, help out by coaching or cleaning at local sporting events. There aren’t certain types of community service that look better than others, so just find something you will enjoy.


What will set you apart

Although colleges don’t care what kind of community service you do, the key is to stick with it. Even if it’s a one-day event, like a charity race, do it several years in a row. Or, pick something you can do once a month. This also ties into the point above; if you enjoy what you are doing, you are more likely to stick with it.


How much is enough

There isn’t a set amount that is perfect, and there isn’t even a minimum. Your high school may have specific requirements that it’s important to meet, but colleges just want to see some. More is always better, but it shouldn’t get in the way of academics, which always come first.


If you need help creating your activity resume, or have questions about community service, give us a call!



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