Campus Visits- Know Before You Go

by | Oct 29, 2021 | Tours and Visits

Junior students who are starting to visit campuses may be a mix of excited and nervous. But remember that most campus tours are run by current students who are trying to entice YOU, so let those fears and worry go. Also, knowing what to expect and preparing for your trip can be helpful. This blog post points out some things to do before you engage in campus visits.


Before you go:

  • Schedule an official tour and /or information session (this can be done online through the college’s admission page on their website, or by calling the admission office).


  • Do some research on the college.  Read about the college, study the website, etc. to learn more about the school before you visit.  


  • Make a list of any questions you may have.  Consider: academic programs, student life, clubs, sports, admissions, job placement, etc. See this previous blog post with 40 (!) unique questions you can ask during the tour.


  • If interested, you can contact a specific coach, professor, club advisor, etc. and directly ask if they would be willing to meet with you during your visit.  That can be a good way to learn more about a school’s specific program of interest.  


  • Pack comfortable but nice clothes.  It’s important to wear comfortable clothes (especially shoes, because of all the walking), but make sure you look nice too.  Err on the side of too formal, rather than too casual.  No t-shirts, ripped jeans, etc. 

Visiting colleges should be FUN, but a little preparation, and knowing what to expect, can be helpful. Visit our Tours/ Interviews page of previous blog posts for more information.

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