Using Naviance Effectively: The Do’s and Don’ts

Families that sign up with Campus Bound have access to a comprehensive college internet-based platform called Naviance. You may also have access to it through your high school, but using it through Campus Bound can also be an effective part of your college search. Here are some do’s and don’ts when using Campus Bound’s version of Naviance.



  1. Career Interests: One great part of Naviance is the availability of various career assessment tools. It’s completely normal for a student entering the college search process to be unsure what they want to study in college or go on to do for a career. This feature of Naviance can help. The “Explore Interests” and “Explore Careers” tools can be effective in helping students gain focus and direction.


  1. College Search: Naviance allows you to enter specific criteria to narrow down the list of colleges that meet your requirements. Size, location, major, etc can be used to help students find additional college matches.


  1. College Data: Looking for specific information about a college: majors offered, cost, athletic programs, etc? Naviance has this information and much more! You can also find the direct contact information for each college and call them directly for answers to more in-depth questions.


  1. Outcome Information: Campus Bound’s Naviance has up-to-date information about the number of students admitted, waitlisted, and denied to each college, as well as capturing the number of our students who ultimately enroll at each school. You can also find scattergrams that show where you fall (based on GPA and test scores) in terms of students who have been admitted or denied by each college in the past from Campus Bound. This can help you identify, with the help of your Campus Bound Counselor, which schools are safeties, targets or reaches.



  1. Over-analyze: Some families can spend way too much time looking at each percentage, scattergram, and data that Naviance provides. A little bit of this is fine, but please don’t spend SO much time trying to analyze all the data. You’ll drive yourself crazy.


  1. Send documents: If your high school has Naviance, be sure to use that account (not ours) to send documents to colleges.


We are proud to be able to offer this helpful tool to our families. To learn more about how Campus Bound can help you through all stages of the college application process, call us today.