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Gregg Cohen
Phone: 781-740-4300 x101

Gregg Cohen

BA, Union College

MBA, Olin School of Business at Babson College

Completed extensive coursework in financial aid
Over 15 years of experience supporting families through all aspects of the financial aid process
Has presented to hundreds of organizations about financial aid
Appeared on local media outlets such as WBZ-TV, Fox-25 and local radio stations

Co-founder of Career Bound, a company that assists college students and recent graduates in launching their careers

Why I founded Campus Bound:

After years of supporting my mother with her home-based college counseling business, it became clear to me that a comprehensive program for supporting parents and students was needed. The road to college had become increasingly competitive and confusing each year. I believed that with such a large personal and financial investment at stake, an experienced and trusted college counselor would be helpful to families in achieving their education goals. Similar to how a realtor or attorney is invaluable when it comes to buying a house, a trusted advisor is necessary with the college investment.

Campus Bound’s Core Belief:

Each and every client deserves personalized and individual attention from an experienced advisor. This process is about YOU and YOUR GOALS.  Each family has a unique background and set of strengths and challenges.  Our team and resources will be there to help students, whether they are concerned about building the college list, the cost of education or making his or her application stand out.  For that reason, we match families with a counselor suited to their needs and personality. We have flexible service options and we focus our efforts with consideration for the busy lives of students. Our team of experts helps a wide variety of students applying to colleges throughout the United States.

Why I enjoy the helping you to cut to the cost of college:

As part of my responsibilities at Campus Bound, I assist families with identifying ways to reduce the cost of college. There is no “one size fits all” approach.  The opportunities and process can vary depending on your particular situation.  I enjoy being able to explore and fully pursue this great unknown for families and help them to maximize the chances for receiving financial aid. There is nothing more gratifying to me than seeing a family receive scholarships or grants at a college that they believe is also a great match for their child.

Campus Bound office:  Hingham, Lexington and Mansfield

Hobbies/interests:  Spending time with my family, staying in touch with my college friends, Boston sports teams and my old man hockey league.

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