Meet Aaron

Aaron Smith
College Counselor

Aaron Smith


BA in Psychology, Curry College
M.Ed in School Counseling, UMass Boston
College Counseling Certification Degree, UCLA, focus on working with learning disabled students

Former Admissions Counselor at Curry College
Assistant Director of Admissions at UMass Lowell 

Guidance Counselor in the College and Career Center at Lowell High School

Contact and consultant for the Learning Disabilities Association of Massachusetts

 I have worked with students in the following areas:

Liberal Arts majors, Engineering, Nursing & Health Sciences, Science and Math, Culinary Arts, Management. Selective colleges, moderately selective and non-selective/community colleges. Supporting students with disabilities or learning disabilities.

Why I am passionate about college counseling:

There are so many career and life opportunities out there that students may have never thought of or heard of before. I take great pride in opening up their minds to new possibilities and possible life paths they will be able to pursue on their journey through college life and higher educational learning.

In this day and age higher education is more competitive and selective than ever and there are so many more processes to consider when applying to college. Getting to know students and families throughout their college selection process is truly a pleasure. I am able to use my knowledge of higher education to assist students in attaining acceptance to a variety of colleges. I enjoy the process of helping all students and their families find the college/university that is the right fit.

Campus Bound office: Lexington; the North Shore area of MA  

Hobbies/interests: Spending time with my wife and daughter, running, hiking, fishing and camping, playing saxophone in a popular Boston funk band. I am currently working on my Master’s Degree in School Counseling at UMass Boston.

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