Meet Nancy

Nancy Agris Savage
Essay Specialist


BS Journalism/Psychology Elmira College
MA Journalism program George Washington University

Founder, The Essay Pro
Freelance journalist, feature writer & editor
Founder/Executive Director, Alpha Omega Council Journalism Scholarships
Former Editor-in-Chief, The Hellenic Chronicle
Former Sr. Staff Consultant/Speechwriter, U.S. House of Representatives Committee on Foreign Affairs

I have worked with students in the following areas:

I have worked with high school students across a broad spectrum of academic levels and writing abilities. Happy to work with any and all, I believe my greatest joy comes in helping the struggling writer to find his/her voice and bring it directly into the admissions board room. The value of the essay is often trampled upon in the rush to produce the best numerical sum of the student’s many parts. For students who may not interview well, or at all, the essay can serve as the one true picture of the applicant as a unique individual. I particularly enjoy working with the “big fish in the little pond” type of student who is looking for the nurturing environment of the smaller, private colleges.

Why I am passionate about college counseling:

My own college experience in a small, niche private college launched me both personally and professionally in a way that would not have been likely in a city-sized university environment. I firmly believe that a good campus “community” match for the student is as vital as the academic program choice.

Campus Bound office(s): I work remotely from my home in MetroWest Boston, but will happily make myself available to meet students in person at a convenient location.

Hobbies/interests: Time with two phenomenal young women who call me Mom:) global issues, particularly human rights and adoption advocacy; Cape Cod, Greece and anywhere that has beautiful beaches; Greek cooking/dancing; and dogs, dogs and more dogs.