Advice for Juniors

Juniors: Your Winter-Spring Timeline

It’s January, which means it’s officially kick-off season for juniors to begin the college process. If you start now, you can break the process down into manageable steps and it will all feel much less overwhelming! In this blog, we outline the typical winter timeline for juniors. If you get these things done over the winter and spring, your summer and fall of senior year will be much easier.

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2017 in Review

The other day, I was at the gym talking to a woman about my career and when I said out loud, “I love working with teenagers!” several people turned around and gave me funny looks. One even said, “No one loves teenagers!” in a teasing tone. While I suppose I may be in the minority, I really do love working with teens. Over the past sixteen years, I have devoted my education and career to them.

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Advice for Parents

“We’ve been through the process before, it’ll be the same…” Not so fast!

We hear it all the time from parents, “Oh, we have been through the college process with our son or daughter, so we already know what we are doing.” Maybe it’s true, but maybe not. You are probably going to be more informed than a family going through it for the first time, but here are some reasons why you should be weary of thinking you’re going to know exactly what to do.

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