Financial Aid

How Families Can Prepare For College Costs Now

Ever since your children were born you’ve been doing an impressive job holding the cash flow together.   But does it feel like sometimes that you are bringing in money with a tablespoon and it is going out with a shovel?   It can be so difficult to meet regular living expenses. Then throw in your mortgage, retirement goals, extra-curricular activity expenses such as club teams, cell phones, holidays, the occasional vacation and whatever you can do to provide yourself a little entertainment. Perhaps you even try to put some money into college savings. But now college tuition bills are on the horizon and that is going to throw off the balance in a big way.   The shovel is about to be exchanged for a front-end loader!!!

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Disability Services

Touring Colleges as a Student Seeking Support Services on Campus

Visiting and touring colleges can be strenuous and tedious enough on its own, but for students with a disability, it’s important to take the necessary steps to make college tours fit your needs. Doing the legwork up front helps ensure you find a college where you will be happy and successful. Here are our tips for students with disabilities when it comes to visiting colleges.

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Tours and Visits

40 Unique Questions You Can Ask When Touring Colleges

You may have a picture in your head about what touring a college is like, and you’re probably right. It will likely be a large group of current high school students and their families walking slowly behind a current college student who is walking backwards (dodging puddles and classmates) and pointing out the highlights of the school. There will be eager, inquisitive parents toward the front of the group, with sluggish teens lagging in the back. But don’t let that be you! Take control of your own college tour. One way to do this is to ask unique questions, and here we give you 40 to get the ball rolling!

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