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Financial Aid

Setting Your College Financial Plan Early

By Campus Bound Founder, President and Financial Aid Lead, Gregg Cohen

I’ve heard people use the expression that being a parent can bring some long days but short years.  The time can fly and there is no way to slow it down.   Having helped thousands of people with the financial side of college, I know that many feel the same way about the prospect of paying for college.   Generally speaking, this isn’t a deadline you can move.  Unlike your retirement, where you may decide to delay a couple of years or get a second job, the first college bill will come quickly, in the summer after high school graduation.

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Disability Services

Students With Disabilities Have Many Post-High School Options

Once upon a time, students with learning and other disabilities, rarely, if ever, pursued post-secondary education. But, thankfully, times have changed and there are many different options available for students who need extra support. In this blog, we outline several options, each with their own advantages, disadvantages, and specific populations they serve.

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Advice for Parents

Parents: Say This, Not That

It’s tough to be a parent of a teenager. Period. We get it! Most Campus Bound counselors are parents ourselves, and many have been through the college admissions process with our own kids. Even those of us who haven’t gone through it ourselves have been working with teens and families long enough to know how stressful this time can be.

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