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If You Think Your SAT or ACT Score is Wrong, It Just Might Be

This time of year, Campus Bound counselors are working with juniors around the college exploration process. Putting together a solid college list and visiting schools is at the top of the priority list.  But while that’s going on, juniors are also studying hard to earn good grades in their classes, and taking standardized exams like the SAT and ACT.  And the scores are coming in.  But, what happens when you get your score back and it doesn’t seem right?

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“It All Works out the Way it’s Supposed to” and Other Advice from Former Campus Bound Students

We may be biased, okay we are definitely biased, but Campus Bound students are the best. We are so lucky to have worked with some pretty amazing students over the years.  For this week’s blog, we decided to tap into the experience and knowledge of our former Campus Bound clients to see what advice they have for students currently going through the process, or who are about to go through it.

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How to Find The Right Gap Year Program For You

Taking a gap year before college is something every high school student should at least consider. Even if it’s quickly dismissed as not the right path for you, it makes sense to have a discussion with your Campus Bound counselor about what it is as well as the pros and cons. We have explained more previously in this blog post. In this blog, we will go over the different types of gap year programs, and if you are considering it, how to decide which might be best for you.

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The Scoop on Additional Recommendations

Recommendations are usually an important part of the college application process. Many selective four-year colleges require them as part of the standard application. Typically, colleges require two teacher recommendations and one counselor recommendation. You can read more about that in this previous blog. But one of the questions we get often is what to do if a student wants to send in an additional recommendation: one from a coach, rabbi, art teacher, etc. We will explain what to do in this blog.

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Consider These Big Questions First When Making Your College List

Many juniors are well into the research phase of the college admission process. This is the time when students have to do some deep soul-searching, often with the help of parents and counselors, to determine the qualities of a college that are most important to them. Every student’s wishlist will be different. But oftentimes, students don’t know where to start. Of course, meeting with a Campus Bound counselor will help, but we also present in this blog the four big questions to ask yourself as you begin exploring different colleges.

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The Decision is in… But What Does it Mean?

It’s admission decision season! Once upon a time, applicants were either accepted or denied to a college. Then came the waitlist. Now, students can hear one of many different “answers” from colleges, and it can be confusing. It can also make the final decision process more difficult. In this blog we will try to shed some light on these different college responses and point out the potential pros and cons of each one.

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Hidden Gem Colleges: Looking Past the Name

Following up on last week’s blog, we decided it would be a good idea to make students and families aware of some “lesser known” colleges that are actually really great! Inspired by Loren Pope’s book, “Colleges That Change Lives,” college counselors are often trying to expand the minds of students and families by suggesting colleges they may not have heard of. With over 3,000 colleges in the United States alone, there are many more schools out there than you can name.  And since we at Campus Bound know that it’s really all about the “fit” of a school, we urge you to consider schools that may be new to you.  The schools that Loren Pope writes about in his book are places where students thrive. They are schools that have high graduation rates and that their graduates rave about.  They are the schools with happy students, the schools you may not know about, but should.


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Your Dad’s Cousin’s Friend’s Wife May Not Have the Answers

One of the biggest mistakes parents and students can make in the college search and application process is listening to the advice of unqualified people. The title of this blog is meant to be humorous, but in reality, it happens quite a bit. Someone who went to a particular college years ago may have strong feelings about and memories of the school that just aren’t relevant now. Or, a family member may have heard something about a college once that left a bad taste in their mouth. But that information is completely unrelated to what your experience would be like there. The point of this blog is, take what others say with a huge grain of salt.


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College Admissions: Campus Bound’s Process and Values

When the news first broke earlier this week about the scandal in college admissions, we here at  Campus Bound were, as I imagine was the case for many of you, appalled. Even for those of us in this industry, it is hard to believe that people would go to such great lengths to guarantee admission to a particular university. I have wanted to write about this news from so many different angles — and I hope it is obvious that Campus Bound, and in fact most counselors in our industry, would never even consider participating in such unethical practices. The people involved in this admissions scandal are not representative of the majority of college counselors, coaches, or parents.

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