Announcing Apply Right!

Announcing Apply Right!

Campus Bound staff members have been working tirelessly on this revolutionary college counseling platform, and we are very excited to introduce it to you.


Apply Right is an online college counseling system that provides guidance and direction to college applicants. Because of the online format and a la carte pricing options, Apply Right offers as much, or as little, support as you may need, all at a very affordable cost. Features available to you include: a step-by-step guide to the entire college search and application process, text and/or email reminders, downloadable templates and checklists, an aptitude and career interest assessment, college list development, feedback on essays, financial aid advice and much more. Apply Right allows you to hand-pick the college admissions guidance YOU need and allows you to go at your own pace.



We asked three of the key people who spearheaded this groundbreaking form of college counseling to explain what they are most excited about in regard to Apply Right. Here are their responses:



Gregg Cohen, President of Campus Bound

“Apply Right allows users from anywhere in the world of all socioeconomic and academic backgrounds to gain easy-to-understand insights from experts.   The tools, reminders, and ad-hoc support with personalized college list development and essay reviews will help to make this overwhelming process more manageable.”



Meredith Principe, Vice President, Operations and College Counseling

“Technology has, in many cases, brought with it a new problem — too much information.  There’s a lot of data and advice available online, but it’s hard to know what to trust or when to stop looking for more perspectives.  Apply Right brings together advice from college admissions counseling professionals, so you know you can trust it.  The all-in-one resource means that families can stop searching and worrying and instead can focus their energies on steps that will help advance the process – visiting colleges, writing compelling essays, and studying for school and college admissions tests.”



Ian Watson, Director of College Counseling

“I’m excited about the user-friendly platform Apply Right provides its users.  Students and parents alike can narrow in on the aspects of the college search and application process that are most relevant to them.  They can navigate an abundance of information and resources through intuitive and smartly structured content.  Furthermore, being able to receive thoughtful and constructive feedback on college essays and/or through customized college lists are critical value-adds. “


Please visit ApplyRight.College for more information.