Information for transfer students

Whether you plan to transfer from one four-year institution to another, or you are completing a two-year program and moving on, there is much planning that goes into the transfer admissions process.

Here’s what you need to know:

  • Think carefully about what you are looking for in your next school and why your current school falls short. Be thorough in your research and honest with yourself – you don’t want to transfer multiple times
  • Once you identify colleges in which you are interested, contact the transfer admissions counselor/office to schedule a meeting and learn about the credit evaluation process
  • Priority deadlines for transfer applications for the spring semester are typically in November, and are in March or April for the fall; keep track of deadlines at each school to make sure you don’t miss anything 
  • Learn about the admission process at each of your colleges – some colleges have rolling admission for transfers while others follow a set deadline
  • Write your essay about why you have decided to transfer and what you have learned from your current college experience
  • Schedule an interview with a transfer counselor, if available
  • Learn about opportunities for scholarships and financial aid for transfer students. Is aid awarded differently than it is for freshman students?

Typically, the transfer admissions process is much more targeted than the freshman admissions process. Your list of schools will likely be smaller and it’s important to visit and learn as much as you can about each institution.  It is most important to understand how many of your credits will transfer and how they will be applied to your degree. 

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