Information for juniors

Junior year is exciting, as students will find themselves in the midst of the college search and application process.

If this timeline seems overwhelming, Campus Bound can help! We will keep you on track and make sure that all of your questions are answered. We’ll also make sure that you have some fun along the way!

Junior year college planning timeline:

  • Register for the PSAT in school in September
  • Take the PSAT in October (results will be distributed by the high school in December)
  • Make a list of colleges that you wish to learn more about
  • Research and visit local colleges to determine differences among urban, rural, large, and small schools
  • Look for opportunities to learn more about colleges, including college fairs and high school visit presentations
  • Meet with your guidance counselor
  • Keep your grades up!


  • Continue researching colleges and identify some that you may want to visit during upcoming school breaks and/or long weekends
  • Register for Spring SAT or ACT tests
  • Plan out senior courses, carefully balancing a challenging curriculum with your ability to be successful
  • Compile a list of your activities into a résumé, formatted for college applications
  • Think about summer plans – job, internship, camp, summer program, etc.
  • Talk as a family about college options, expectations and financial aid. It is important to be on the same page
  • Complete a financial aid assessment to determine your eligibility for aid
  • Keep your grades up!


  • Visit colleges during school vacations and long weekends when possible
  • Begin to narrow down the college list to about 8-10 schools, keeping in mind a balance of admissibility
  • Identify teachers to write recommendations and ask them prior to the end of the school year
  • Start to brainstorm topics for the Common Application essay 
  • Keep your grades up! While the entire high school transcript is important, junior year is especially significant in the admissions process. Doing well in a challenging and balanced curriculum shows colleges you are preparing well for college and sets the foundation for a strong senior year


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College planning timeline for senior year