How We Help: In Their Words

Watch the following videos to learn from our families, in their words, why they chose Campus Bound to help navigate the college admissions and financial aid process.


We frequently ask for feedback from our families to make sure that we are exceeding expectations and helping our students achieve their goals. Below are thoughts from parents about the impact of Campus Bound on both their child and the overall college application process.

“Campus Bound transformed what could have been a tension filled, daunting experience for my son into a manageable, positive and often fun process. Counselors have a gift for motivating a most difficult age group and it is clear in all that they do that they genuinely care for their students and do their very best to provide students with the tools that they need to succeed.”
                                                                            – Mother of 2014 graduate

“Our counselor was great to work with. She was always available for any questions or concerns we had during the whole college application process. Her guidance helped keep the stress level to a minimum for our son, as he always felt that she was there to help with all aspects of the applications. We feel that not only were we provided with a great college counselor through Campus Bound but we also gained a new friend.”
                                                                          – Parent of 2014 graduate

“We came to Campus Bound with one target college as our focus. We wanted essay assistance and financial aid assistance. We received both and our child was accepted to the target college — early decision.”
                                                                        – Parents of 2014 graduate

“I was very impressed that with Campus Bound, my daughter was done with her applications right after Thanksgiving. My daughter’s counselor inspired her to be even more organized and on task than she is already and the process went very smoothly.”
                                                                         – Mother of 2014 graduate

“Campus Bound was certainly extremely helpful and kept everything organized to reduce stress for my daughter and our family. My daughter’s counselor was a big help with essays especially, and always got her around any roadblocks, even when they disagreed. This really showed me the counselor’s commitment as she stuck to her guns rather than letting my daughter write a mediocre essay. The essay specialist was also great with giving tips on essays and gave strong constructive criticism.”
                                                                         – Parent of 2014 graduate